Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer is over!

Wow- when summer started I was wondering what in the world we would do all summer. The boys are typical boys/siblings and tend to get on each others nerves quite a bit. We managed to stay busy most of the summer and at least one of them was in a camp or activity, staying at Nana's/Grandma's or having friends over. We also had family in town off and on, and enjoyed a few weeks with the other Crumrine's. I have continued to work, although it was tough thru the summer, but with the help of friends and family we managed. JD's business is booming, I mean more than we could have ever expected. He is working non stop, which is a blessing.
We never knew that thru the trial of lay off we would be so blessed in the long run. Self employment does have ups and downs, it could slow down soon, never know. He also has to maintain all of the "office" particulars, which leaves him working hours at home once he has workd hours on a job. We are steadfast in prayer about a multitude of things right now and we are trusting in God's providence to lead us thru.
The kids are growing so fast. Tyler turned 9 in may and I can't believe he will start 4th grade Monday, it just doesn't seem possible. Tanner will be in Pre K at the Ark this year and will hopefully have lots of fun. Tyler will start his 10th season of soccer and is really showing some passion and growth. Tanner will start is very first season of soccer this year and he is beyond excited. Tanner is still passionate about music and wants to ride dirt bikes, while Tyler has voiced and interest in modeling/acting. Who knew?
Will try to blog a little more often once we get back to a normal routine. Here are a couple of random pictures of our summer-Love to you all!

Fishing Fun!

Tyler Birthday
Tanner Swimming

Ty Swimming

Chief and Tanner jam session

Tanner LOVES his music!!

The boys tubing for the 1st time!

JD and I at Los Pinos winery

Tan caught a fish!

The boys playing at the spraypark.

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