Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tyler's first day of 2ND grade
OK, I know that we haven't posted in a while so here is a little update. Tyler started 2ND grade on Monday and seems to be happy with his new school. It was hard since they re-zoned us and Tyler wasn't excited about changing schools again. But, he met up with a lot of friends that he knew from Kindergarten and First grade, so that made him feel better. He has an amazing teacher, God really did pick just the right one for him. We are very excited about this year and cannot wait to see what he will learn and accomplish in 2ND grade. I promise I will get back on track with posting, maybe I will have more time now. Tanner will start MDO next Thursday, so keep him in your prayers. I am not sure how he will like me leaving him in a strange place. But, I have heard nothing but excellent things about this school, so we are excited.