Friday, January 25, 2008



I can't believe that my baby is already 3, it just doesn't seem possible. He has grown into such a wonderful, and loving, little man. It is fun to see how his little personality is developing. He has loved music since he was a baby, and I really didn't know how much until recently. He truly has a PASSION for music and loves playing drums or guitar where ever we go. I believe that he will continue to love music and that God has given him an amazing gift.

Tanner's birthday was on the 5Th but we usually hold off a few weeks to recover from Christmas. We had his party last weekend and he got to celebrate with some friends and family. He wanted a tractor party, so I found some really cute John Deere party stuff, he loved it. We really enjoyed visiting with our friends,

but wish that all of our friends could have been here. He got a new ride on tractor from us, my parents and my grandparents. He also got some new tools, shopping basket, remote control cars and a Diego Rescue Pack and more. I will tell you that this child has MORE than he could ask for, he is truly spoiled!! We received a present from Colin that had to be his highlight. Celeste ordered him a shirt that says "Little Drummerboy" which is perfect because that is what we call him around the house. But the most amazing little thing was this practice drum pad and a set of sticks.(see picture) OH MY GOODNESS... I couldnt have asked for anything more perfect. He got some drums for Christmas, but he wants to carry them to different rooms and in the car. So this amazing little drum pad ( he calls it his Pad Drum) can be carried anywhere. Now, Celeste did mention something about QUIET drumming, well unfortunately that doesn't exsist with Tanner. Nonetheless, he still loves it and so do we. We can take it everywhere we go ! Thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who bought Tanner a gift, it was all too much. We miss those of you who couldn't be here and hope to see you all soon!

I have an image of what I consider Tanner as a Drummer... If I can get it in here I will! SEE TOP OF POST