Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween

I know I have not posted in a while.......( see last post) I do not know where the time goes, I look up and a whole month is gone. Either I am going crazy or I am getting old, well maybe both! So what is new, not a whole lot. Here are the Halloween pics, Tyler was Sly Cooper ( a video game character) and Tanner was of course Spiderman ( he WOULD NOT wear the mask. ) They had a blast trick or treating, Tanner csught on real quick. We are just staying busy with everything under the sun. Tyler is doing amazing in school, we are so proud of him. He has recently been selected to participate in a UIL competition for story writing. Apparently he was writing some pretty cool stories at school, and won first place in his class. Now he is in a group of 2ND graders that will get together every week and they have to write a story based on a picture they are shown. If one of his stories gets picked it goes to competition in December. He is also in a activity called Destination Imagination (Destination Imagination is a community-based, school-friendly program that builds participants' creativity, problem solving, and teamwork in enjoyable and meaningful ways. Teams of five to seven members work together to apply creativity, critical thinking and their particular talents to solve a Team Challenge.) They will meet weekly and go to competition in March to present the solution to the challenge they were given. He is an absolutely amazing little man, I am just in awe of him . Tanner is doing AWESOME in school ( thank for your prayers). He loves going and talks about it all the time.
I cant believe that the Holiday season is among us, it is to early. We will be going to Missouri for Thanksgiving, but staying home for Christmas. I know that I say things are crazy and believe me they are, but its OK. I am really tryying to teach myself to love and embrace these times with the kids, crazy or not, because I feel very blessed to be here and to have 2 healthy children. It is so hard to be a parent, to wonder if you are doing the right thing sometimes. I know that God will equip us with what we need, if we let him. That is the problem, giving up that control........that is hard to do !! There is a song we have been singing at church called
" Remedy", it really hits home with me. It is an awesome song, you should all try to listen to it, it is by David Crowder Band. Well, I hope it wont be so long until I post again, Hahaha !!!