Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tanner and God !

Conversation between Tanner and I yesterday driving home from running errands, during a
thunderstorm ...................... ( Tanner thinks thunder is the sound of God bowling)

Tanner- " What was that, did you hear that"
Kim- "Yes I did , what do you think it was"
Tanner- " Its God and Jesus in the clouds, they are bowling"
Kim- " Yes they sure are"
Tanner- " why"
Kim- " because they love to bowl"
Tanner- "wwhhhhyyy"
Kim- " they just do"

We get home and I am trying to get Tanner to sleep for his nap...............................

Tanner- " God is STILL bowling"
Kim- " yes he is, maybe he was doing really well and wanted to play again"
Tanner" why"
Kim- " because he wanted to play, go to sleep???? "
Tanner- " mumble mumble mumble"
Kim- " what "
Tanner" I said stupid God"
Kim- " we do not say stupid and we surely don't call God that"
Tanner- " I said stupid God cause he wont stop bowling and I trying to go to sleep"
Kim- " I SAID we do not say stupid (it was kind of funny that he was mad, chuckle under
breath) or call God that, its OK he will stop just go to sleep"
Tanner- " mumble mumble mumble" ( I wonder what he said)

So I guess my explanation of thunder has backfired, because instead of Tanner not being scared of the sound, he is calling God stupid because he wont quit.

FYI- EVERYTHING is stupid to Tanner, it is his new favorite word, Stupid car, stupid bike, stupid shirt, stupid stupid, stupid plate, stupid shoe, stupid TV, stupid tractor, stupid stupidy......... PBS and Nick Jr are just about the only ones who don't include that in their shows. Everyone else in every show says it at some point about something, kind of hard to break him?????

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, Renoir or Van Gogh.........

No, not any of the above. These paintings were done by the up and coming artist by the name of, Tanner Crumrine. Now, I have been trying to figure out what style he is using. I cannot figure out if he is using.....................




He always calls it painting.. " Mom, look I painted your pantry" Mom, I painted my dresser". I know you must think I never watch my child, but it is AMAZING at what he can get into in a matter of me sending an email or going to making a phone call. But, from what I can tell, we may have a great future in art ahead of us !!! Just this morning he "painted" his dump truck with yogurt, it looked clear so a picture wouldn't have done it justice. As I was preparing this blog post he managed to pull his "pull up" off while full of poop, which got on his hands, so he decided to "paint" his dresser and his guitar. No, I didn't take a picture of that one.... I think it would have also fallen under Expressionism !!!