Thursday, December 27, 2007


As you can see Tanner fiinally got his first set of drums for Christmas. I will tell you that he could have received nothing else what so ever, and been perfectly happy. I have NEVER seen a child so excited about what Santa brought him. Santa always gets the credit for the good gifts..haha. Tyler got an IPOD Shuffle and an I Tunes Card from Santa, so he was equally excited.

We had a great Christmas and the boys here so happy about all of their gifts, it was fun to watch them open them, one by one. We got to go to church on Christmas Eve, which was a first, we are usually busy. We did all of the family stuff early this year for different reasons, So this year we had Christmas Eve and Day all to ourselves, with no where to go or be. It was relaxing but I think we missed having any family around. We miss all of our friends and family that are not here to celebrate with us and we wich you all a Happy and Healthy New Year !

PS- we already have to buy a new cymbal for the drum set ( it was a little flimsy to begin with)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving !!!( better late than never)
know, I am little behind, but I have been busy. Really, I have been busy! If we aren't having a party, going to a party or going to the DR. with a sick kid, then it is not a normal day. We have all been sick almost everyday, with something or another, since the week before Thanksgiving. We went to Missouri for Thanksgiving and stayed for the whole week. It was fun, we got to see friends and family, we got to see snow, although it did not stick. We spent some time with my grandfather who has bone cancer, so that was probably the most memorable time. The kids did really well for a 12 hour car trip, I was very impressed. JD got to go Quail and Pheasant hunting, that was probably his highlight.

Now it is December and Christmas is approaching, where has this year gone. Today actually happens to be my Bday, I only knew because of a training class that was scheduled for today. As I was talking to my dear friend Celeste, when she called me today and realized I was 35, she said " oh good, you hit the hump. I said back to her " oh good, now I know what is making feel like @#$%^&" Now I have a reason for how I feel, its the " hump". OK, short update on the kids....they are as crazy as ever. Tanner has decided that he doesn't want to go to bed at night ( AGAIN) so that is a battle. However, we took away his drumsticks for one day and that seemed to get his attention, let's see how long that works. Tyler is doing good, not much to update on that. He got Strep throat at the end of Thanksgiving break and missed 2 days of school when we got back. JD did not win the weight loss contest at work, but he did lose 30 pounds, so that was better that any amount of money. I will leave this short as I am sure I will update again soon. I have not had time to do Christmas cards and I may never get the time, so for those of you who are reading this Merry Christmas !!!