Monday, September 15, 2008


So, here is a little bit of what has been going on here over the last week. A friend of mine was having car problems while her husband was out of town so she called to see if JD could look at her car. She lives in our neighborhood and we live quite a way out of town, so I told her to take my car to town that day and not risk it with the kids. She left her car here for JD to look at and drove off in mine. JD and I concluded that it was her Catalytic Converters, because mine had broken down last year and it was acting very similar. She came back later that day dropped off my car and took hers home. Fast forward a few days when they take hers to the shop to have it checked. The mechanic looked at them and stated " No mam, this is not your catalytic converter, you have had a rat under here chewing up all the wires"
When she called me to tell me that, you can imagine my horror. "A RAT, I shouted, what do you mean". She said" well they said they see it a lot this time of year with people who don't drive their cars a lot or cars that sit outside instead of in the garage". Well I considered myself safe, neither one of those applied to me. Ironically enough that same day our garage door quit operating. When JD got home he found that there was a wire loose and fixed it. He also informed me that it wasn't loose that it had been CHEWED... excuse me, did you say chewed. Well what kind of animal can chew thru that? Well we decided that our friends RAT, must have invited himself into our garage while her car was in the driveway.
The next day a few more things were chewed, ropes , car seats. I was not happy at all , with the notion that we had a critter in the garage. JD left to go buy some Rat traps. He came home with these huge sticky things because they were all out of the neck snapper kind. I would have preferred him to be snapped, but I guess stuck would do. Let me also tell you that I did not go into the garage for that 3-4 days unless I absolutely had to. When we had to go get into the car I would open the door peer out and yell " RUN KIDS RUN, GET INTO THE CAR , GET INTO THE CAR..... NNNNOOOOOWWWW, HURRY UP HURRY UP." I got into the passenger side because things are more visible over there and all the traps were on the driver side.
When I would come home from being out, I would sit in the car and observe the area around. Did I see anything moving, did I see anything else chewed up, and then I would proceed with the same. " RUN KIDS RUN KIDS, GET INTO THE HOUSE..... NNNNOOOOOWWWWW, HURRY UP HURRY UP, OPEN THE DOOR, SHUT THE DOOR SHUT THE DOOOOORRRR"
I really don't know what I was imagining this thing to look like, but possible the size of a small dog. I did not care how big or little, I was creeped out, horrified and down right grossed out.

So, JD comes home on Thursday night and walks in the house and proclaims " Do you guys want to see what a dead rat looks like?" I was curious yet a little apprehensive about seeing this thing. I was kind of happy that this little nuisance had been taken out, I mean I was like " heck ya, let me see it, I want to see him dead". I proceeded with caution while the kids ran with reckless abandon to see this awesome sight. I had a hard time looking at it, but wanted confirmation that the sucker was dead, the kids were excited but said " oooohhhhh. poor thing"
I will warn you if stuff like this creeps you out, DON'T LOOK. I had to post it or no one would ever believe it. I had JD take the picture because I just couldn't do it.
This may not seem big to you, but in my mind it is HUGE!
I mean 10 inches from snoot to foot.... OMG !

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calling on God

I did not write this, but received it in a daily email I get from I wanted to share because I thought it was a great analogy.

A Dime in my Pocket
Karen Ehman
"Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I call to you all day long."
Psalm 86:3 (NIV)
Do you remember pay phones? My kids are just sure I'm ready for the senior citizen's discount when they hear me speak of them. But maybe you're one of my fellow 'old folks' and know exactly what I'm talking about. They hung on the walls at restaurants and airports; in shopping malls and at gas stations. When you needed to get a message to someone back home that the ball game was over or the outing was finished, you dug for the dime your mother (being the proper parent she was) always made sure resided in your jean's pocket. Then you reached for the receiver, slipped your other hand up to the slot, dropped the silver coin in and dialed. Soon help, or a ride, was on the way.
I used my dimes sparingly in the olden days--you know, the 1980's--reserving them only for completely necessary calls and occasional emergencies. In the course of a month, I resorted to my waiting dime only a time or two. If it was to be used, I wanted to make sure it was really worth it. If not, then it stayed conveniently tucked away in my front pocket, waiting for the day it would be called upon to come and rescue me.
Contrast this with today's cell phones and some teenagers. Oh dear, at times it appears those electronic contraptions are glued to their ears!!! These kids don't make a call once or twice a month, but once or twice a minute in some severe cases! They feel free to dial at any time, call at their convenience, and to use their 'phone a friend' lifeline at the drop of a hat. Now, least you think this is going to be a devotion that scolds these talkative teens, let me make my point clear. I actually think they are on to something!
Think with me in terms of our relationship with God. I'm afraid that often I am much more like a teen in the 80's when it comes to calling upon the Lord. I reserve my spiritual dimes for the times I really need Him, making sure it is worth the effort of prayer. (And earnest prayer is sometimes effort, you know!) When I fear I will be spiritually stranded without a ride, feel a bit scared and need someone to rush to my side, or any other such divine emergency, I call upon the Lord. Other times, sadly, I must admit my spiritual cell phone sometimes stays shut.
Instead, my prayer life should emulate the actions of the chatty teens of our current culture. I should feel free to call, text and mobile-to-mobile my Lord about any and everything and, as a result, stay constantly connected to Him throughout the course of my day. I should realize that His line is never busy, His ear never tires and He longs to connect with me more than an occasional time or two a week. I too can call (pray), text (journal), save a message (memorize Scripture) or return a message (praise Him) no matter the time or place! Oh, if only God's presence in my everyday life became as precious and desired as a teen's cell phone use addiction!
How about it, fellow phoner? Perhaps this week when we spy a cell phone, let it trigger our memory of today's key verse. Call upon the Lord. All day long. He will answer every time. No roaming charges, no busy signals and best of all, no dropped calls!

Dear Lord, please forgive me for resorting to prayer only when I need You for something. I resolve now to keep connected with You all through my day. I'll call upon You in times of need as well as when I just want to thank You or spend time with You. You are my only lifeline. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tan Man- 1st Day of School

Tanner was very excited this morning about going to school today, to stay "longer longer" That is a new term of his when he wants to do something for a long time. He walked right in like he owned the place and didn't blink an eye at me leaving. We have one of his teachers from last year that moved up, so that is a blessing. He had a great day and was sleeping hard when I went to get him. He has come so far from last year, we are so proud of him. Apparently he has a favorite girl in his class, her name is Kaley. She is all he will talk about :) I asked him the names of the other kids he said " I don't know" He only has one boy from his class last year so other than that they are all new to him. All is great in my world now ....haha :)