Friday, October 17, 2008

GOAL !!!!

Have you ever looked back at your kids pictures and thought " wow, how did they get so big so fast"? We spend so much time wishing.......... wishing they would sleep thru the night, quite the bottle, walk, eat real food, get potty trained, go to school. I think I have spent most of their life wishing stuff away, instead of wishing they would stay little or just be happy. I was going to make a post about Tyler's soccer season this year and how proud I am of of the Little Man he has become. I went to look thru his pictures and realized that this is his 10Th season to play soccer. That's about 80 games, 80- 120 hours of practice, 8 different teams indoor and outdoor, dozens of pictures, hours of videotapes, about 6 pairs of soccer cleats, dozens of victories, dozens of losses and hours of tears. Tyler is such an awesome kid, he excels at almost everything he does, he gives it all 110%. But on the flip side he wants to be perfect at everything he does and he is very hard on himself if he doesn't "succeed" at his task. But, he has learned what it means to be part of a team and he has developd some great friendships. We have also played soccer with Carson and always got our Buddy Shots done, we do miss that!
But, I think this year and this season he is finally starting to come around. He is putting his anger and frustration into his game and has improved drastically. He doesn't score every game or even every season, but he plays with honor and integrity, and great sportsmanship, that is more important that anything to me. He has gone from my little 4 year old that "chased" the ball around the field in a gaggle of kids.... to an amazingly strong and determined Soccer Player. I wouldnt have traded one Saturday morning watching him for anything. Enjoy this little trip down memory lane !

Oh, we did try T Ball one season, he didn't care for that!

We even got to play in a Hurricane !

The next David Beckham.... Nope , just Tyler Crumrine, that's all we want him to be, is Himself !! He is my MVP no matter what!
Love you buddy, you should be so proud of yourself.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Conversation with Tanner

Driving Tyler and his friend to school this morning, his friend tells us there is a dead pig on the side of the road. They actually stopped an looked at it yesterday. So, curious , my kids want to also see the dead pig. I believe it was actually a wild boar, we have those in our area. I know isn't lovely, wild hog's and rat's........ So here is the conversation. By the way, Tanner's new favorite thing is, "then what happened" after everything you tell him.

Me- OK, look out your window there he is, see him in the ditch, he is black.
Tanner- why he's in the dddiiitttccchhh (tanner talk, anyone who knows him well knows this)
Me- well because he is dead
Tanner- why he's dddeeeaaadddd ?
Me- I would imagine because someone either shot him or hit him with their car
Tanner- then what happened?
Me- Well then he fell in the ditch
Tanner- then what happened?
Me- he laid there
Tanner- then what happened?
Me- then he died
Tanner- then what happened?
Me- ummmm, people drive by and look at him
Tanner- then what happened?
Me- I guess someone will clean him up
Tanner- then what will happen?
Me- I don't really know

It was too cute, he had this little sad look on his face. I just cracked up when he said "poor little fella", what a sweet boy!