Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is it always going to be this crazy ???

Do you ever think to yourself........ Is it always going to be this crazy ? Are my children ALWAYS going to fight like this, are they always going to whine and complain like this. I mean really, how long can they go on and on!!!! Is getting ready to go ANYWHERE, always going to require nothing short of a small miracle? Are we always going to argue about who wants to eat, what they want to eat, where they want to eat or how they are going to eat said food.
Is it just a requirement that when one of them decides to go to bed without a fight, or actually sleep ALL night, that the other one decides to do exactly the opposite. Why is it that when you sit them as far apart as possible in the car, one of them can always manage to get a pinkie finger to touch the other one. Do we really have to bribe them every time we want them to be quiet or do something good. Did our parents give us a piece of candy or sticker every time we went pee pee on the potty, or sat quietly in the shopping cart. Why is it that our kids can actually say to us " get me a drink" "gimme the remote control" OR " NO " What have we done to them to make them feel so entitled and arrogant enough to act like stinking brats!!! Yes, I said it, don't act surprised and don't tell me that your kids do not act like brats sometimes. Now, I will have to add that this is not always the case, my kids have been taught manners since they could breathe, but that doesn't mean that they always use them. Actually, I think the older they get, the further to the back of the brain they get pushed, no matter how much you remind them.
My point in all of this is....... What do we do now ??? How do we keep the peace and stay happy in such a sinister, crazy world that does nothing but make us want to just give up sometimes !!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

TANNER'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! OK, so obviously you can tell how happy he is at home. He was so excited to put his backpack ( or as he says pack pack) on and hold his lunchbox. But once we got there his little smile was gone. He did really well all the way there and as we walked further down the hall towards his class he started to protest again. I did not want this to be a repeat of Meet the Teacher. He screamed and cried , hit at me ( mot mean) and pulled at my hair. I know it sounds awful, but he was scared and was telling me about it. He cried hysterically the whole time he was in there, which was about 15 minutes. So, we get to his class and he whimpered a little, but not to bad. He would NOT put his backpack and lunchbox down, to permanent for him I guess. Every mother of every child was there and almost all of the kids were not happy to be there. I stayed to try and comfort him for a few minutes. They decided to put Veggie Tales on , which was a God send and they gave him a snack. I went ahead and left, and from the hallway I would hear a faint cry along with Mommy, Mommy. I stayed there for a few more minutes and then I left. He is my second child so this is a bit easier for me. I heard that the director had to come in and finally kick the other mommies out. I arrived back at the school at 2 to find Tanner waking from his nap and HAPPY !!!! I was so proud of him and the teacher said he did really good. She said that once all the moms left that they all calmed down and had a great day. She also instructed the moms that Tuesday we will be leaving them at the door and we will not be able to come in with them. I totally agree with that ! So, thank you all for your prayers, it was great. Let us hope and pray that it will continue to be great for him !